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Innovations in the production process thanks to technological innovations in un-hairing, tanning and re-tanning phases.


Thanks to the ability to measure the CO2 emissions, Dani was able to lower its CO2 emissions by -5%


To reach the total compensation of the CO2 produced, Dani is involved in a program of reforestation in partnership with AzzeroCO2, a company accredited as Energy Service Company.

Dani's advanced research project.

A Zero with a huge value as the result of ten years of research aimed to reduce the environmental impact along every production stage within the company Dani S.p.A.

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"Reforestation it does not only mean planting trees. It is necessary to ensure that those trees remain and locally generate a new forest ecosystem"
Giuseppe Gamba - Azzero CO2 President


The compensation it’s done to balance the amount of CO2 generated from any activity through forestation interventions that is able to absorb the same amount of CO2 that has been released into the atmosphere.


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The long-lasting partnership with Dani, first tannery in the world that has achieved the Carbon Footprint certification, is driven by an identity of values in first place, but also by sharing the same business objectives.

Zero Impact leather is the result of innovation and technology, but above all Zero Impact belongs to the same vision of roles and responsibilities that belong to each of us.



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