Reforestation projects in Italy

Since more than 10 years, Dani has chosen to be a sustainable company, recognizing in the social and environmental responsibility the principles that guide its current and future business accomplishment, that are oriented towards development of the company and its employees, while safeguarding the future generations. Dani S.p.A is a leading leather manufacturer that has chosen to compensate circa 2,000 tonnes of CO2 released for the production of "Zero Impact" leather. 

The emissions quantified thanks to the  Carbon Footprint certification, have been compensated with the purchase of 2,000 carbon credits originated from reforestation projects in Italy, in particular realized from AzzeroCO2 in the following areas:

Reforestation projects in Italy

The reforestation projects are realized by AzzeroCO2 according to transparent criteria to ensure the existence of the forest, the correct quantification of the absorption and the environmental, social and economic sustainability. They provide reforestation interventions, that absorbs the CO2 through the process of photosynthesis of trees, in suitable areas throughout the country. The methodology used for the calculation of emissions absorbed by these interventions is recognized by the UNFCCC.
Transparency is a priority for these projects: everyone can visit the forested areas and verify the development of the project. 


The company

AzzeroCO2 supports private companies, public authorities and single citizens to quantify, reduce and compensate CO2 emissions caused by their activities. Credited as ESCo (Energy Service Company), it analyzes the environmental footprint, it provides scientific and technical advice for the definition of energy efficiency strategies, it promotes renewable energy sources and sustainable mobility solutions and offers support in the choice and use of materials. AzzeroCO2 is certified according to UNI CEI 11352, the standard that defines the requirements for companies that play the role of ESCOs.
In addition, AzzeroCO2 offers a large portfolio of high quality offset projects in Italy and abroad, to compensate emissions associated with a particular activity by purchasing carbon credits.


The certification

The absorptions generated by reforestation projects have to be certified as emission credits to be used for the purpose of offsetting of CO2 emissions. The generated credits are called VER  (Verified Emissions Reductions) because they are verified by a third party certifier that is credited according to the parameters
required by the Kyoto Protocol and by UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).


Transparency is the target

AzzeroCO2 adopts the verification standard of the “Parchi per Kyoto” Committee, that is the Ethical Code for the reforestation projects.
The objectives of the Code are the reforestation interventions realized in Italy and abroad in compliance with the national and international standards established by the Kyoto Protocol. The main purpose is to provide a useful tool to ensure the proper implementation of these interventions and the related accounting  of receivables absorption of CO2 emissions, to ensure that the absorptions are real, permanent and sustainable.



The requirements of the Ethical Code

Accurate and careful calculation: absorptions have to be quantified using internationally recognized methodologies, such as the simplified method of the UNFCCC AR-AM S0001 for small-scale CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) reforestation projects.

Verification by an independent body: the conformity of the intervention following Ethical Code and the correct reporting of the absorption must be verified by an independent party with proven experience in the field.

Credits register: the generated credits, that correspond to the actual absorption of CO2, have to be entered in a register that is subjected to external verification.

Additional absorptions: the creation of a new forest has to be proven with a  detailed documentation for reforestation project and also has to proven that the  creation of such forest has led to an improvement of the previous area.

Existence monitoring: must be ensured the maintenance and existence of the forest in the area identified, for the entire life cycle of the planted tree species. The complete documentation is available on the website

The registered brand AzzeroCO2 for Dani's forestation project.

View the "Compensation data sheet" regarding the project of Dani SpA in AzzeroCO2 website and write, in the space provided on the right, the unique serial number dedicated to Dani: SFR-86-XAP.
To download the PDF certificate: click here!

AzzeroCO2 issues the brand license for clients who have quantified, reduced and compensated their carbon emissions, through a unique code that certifies the compensation.

All credits obtain a unique and unequivocal serial number that is recorded in a register held by AzzeroCO2. Once allocated, the credit is canceled from the register. The serial number allows the subject who offsets, to keep track of purchased or received credits and guarantees that the credit is not sold twice.