Delta del Po Veneto regional park

The Regional Park of the Delta Po river in Veneto covers about 12,000 hectares and is one of the largest wetlands in Europe and the Mediterranean area.

The environment of the Delta Po river was created by the sedimentation during the time and the work of men, which over the years reclaimed the land and regulated several tributary canals.

The environmental recovery and improvement the ecological condition of these places is one of the strategic objectives of the Park in order to reconstruct the ancient original dune landscape: from the historical and geographical standpoint the “fossil dunes” of Ariano in the Polesine territory represent the rest of one of the oldest dune bars of the Northern Adriatic.

Tree planting was made with native typical species, in an area located in the municipality of Ariano nel Polesine (RO) in a locations called Grillara.

For this scope, the pine was considered the most appropriate specie, because it can adapt to sandy soils and it is able to create favorable conditions for the growth of other forestry species used.

The refurbishment project provided also the creation of an artificial pond in groundwater and with the material obtained from its excavation were created seven dunes.

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