Internuraghes Farm

The project aims at the realization of a forest area of approximately 6 hectares inside the property of the farm called “Internuraghes”. The farm is located just outside the municipality of Nuoro (NU) in Sardinia in an area named Internuraghes (after the main type of ancient megalithic edifice found in Sardinia, “nuraghi” in Italian, being the symbol of Sardinia and of its distinctive culture); the farm has been involved in cereal crops and livestock activities since a long time; in addition to that, the farm intended to diversify its activities with the creation of this forest, in order to improve the landscape of some areas formerly allocated to fallow or pasture.

The species employed are native Mediterranean oaks with a large percentage of cork and were supplied by public nurseries managed by the Corporation of Sardinian Forests, Nuoro Territorial Service. The plants grown in a specific container are 2-3 years old and around 1 meter high. They are certified to preserve the genetic heritage of ancient forests of the area.

All operations were carried out according to criteria of environmental sustainability, following the best forestry practices and taking care of soil, water and air, avoiding any possible adverse effects to the area.

After having been planted, the oaks were subjected to care assistance to ensure their adequate rooting and several maintenance actions were performed in order to monitor the balanced development of the topsoil.

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