Po and Orba fluvial park

The area, belonging to the Parco del Po Piemontese, extends from the bridge connecting City Verrua Savoia (TO) in Crescentino (VC) to the confluence with the Scrivia river, in a succession of different environments harmoniously connected by the river. In the first part, hills and rice paddies characterize the landscape while downstream of Casale Monferrato you discover the most natural and wild Po: here the river powered by the rivers Sesia and Tanaro, creates large natural gravel deposits, islands and bends that favor the presence of rare wildlife species, especially herons.

Today the forests of Po Piemontese cover the 13% of the river area and in this reality fits the strategy of the Park, aimed to the re-naturalization of Po river with the purpose of increasing the safety and let it less vulnerable to the territory.

The Forest Management Plan has the ambitious goal to increase to 30% the area covered natural forests by reconstructing the ancient river ecosystems.

Tree planting is made in accordance with principles introduced by the Kyoto Protocol and the Codice Etico Parchi per Kyoto.

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