From the customer-supplier relationship to a partnership based on shared values, research, innovation, which leads to "Responsible Actions".


Dani is among the excellence of the Made in Italy tanning industry with   about 1,000 employees in its various Italian production sites and 213 million of revenue of which 75% came from exports and 1.5 % has been re-invested in research and innovation. Since the beginning of the 90s Dani has been working with AKU, until developing with them over the past few years a strategic partnership.
Dani’s commitment towards the environment, the local territory and natural resources in all stages of the production cycle, but still maintaining the ability to produce a high quality leather that present resistance, softness and waterproof features, has been the key factor that led AKU to choose Dani’s leather for its footwear products.
The motto is "Responsible Action" and the identity of values of the two companies has set up a long-lasting partnership that, thanks to a joint research for innovation, has led to obtain the first Chrome free leather produce exclusively by Dani for AKU already in 2012.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained over the years, Dani was able to obtain, as first in world in its field, the certification   Carbon Footprint of Product (ISO/TS 14067: 2013).

Since then Dani is able to quantify and precisely measure the greenhouse gases released throughout the whole production chain. This was a very important starting point that Dani is using to improve and neutralize these emissions.
The ability to measure the CO2 and the results obtained with the first chrome free leather produced for AKU, in 2015 the Zero Impact Leather was born: this is not only chrome free, but also heavy metal free (following the norm ISO 15987).
As a result of innovative technology in the production process (during the unhairing, tanning, re-tanning and finishing phases), Dani was able to lower its CO2 emissions by circa 5% and to reduce completely the remaining emissions of CO2 through a reforestation projects of different areas in Italy (in accordance with the procedures internationally certified).

Among all partners that have collaborated with Dani to develop the Zero Impact Leather, AKU plays a primary role for the efforts made to promote the relationship between humans and nature, as well as paying particular attention to the environment around us, taking responsible Actions to preserve it for the future generations.
We are extremely proud to present together with AKU our ZERO IMPACT project at ISPO, an event designed for people who love sport, nature and a healthy lifestyle.  
To them we dedicate our daily commitment in the sustainability field.


For more information visit us at ISPO: HALL A2 – STAND 300