Living Divani

Perfection, harmonious proportions and sense of understated luxury are the signs of Living Divani’s identity, dynamic and lively family-run company which has made of upholstery its trademark.

Strategic is the collaboration with Piero Lissoni, who since 1988 in the dual role of art director and designer, orchestrates the unique style of the brand.

Since the foundation in the early 70’s a complete living area proposal has been developed. It revolves around an upholstered system characterized by discrete volumes to be matched to complementary furnishings with stronger shapes, as for Night and Outdoor collections aiming both the residential and Contract sector.

To upholster the several interpretations of soft comfort of sofas and armchairs with elegant geometric lines rather than soft and transgressive, Living Divani has chosen different leathers among the zero impact collection, each available in a wide variety of colors for an extremely rich and versatile choice.

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