The project

We have added a zero to our leathers!


A Zero with a huge value as the result of ten years of research aimed to reduce the environmental impact along every production stage within the company Dani S.p.A.
Zero impact is not simply a “new product” but an icon of our corporate philosophy -that touches each strategic choice and innovation technology- integrated in the company’s Dna.

The experience and knowledge gained in this sector have made possible the meticulous measurement of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the production chain, as demonstrated by the certification Carbon Foot Print that Dani was the first to achieve in the world in its field. Starting from this measurement, Dani is committed to contain and neutralize greenhouse gas emissions.

Thanks to the ability to measure the CO2 emissions, Dani was able to lower its CO2 emissions by -5%.

With the project Zero Impact, Dani has decided to REDUCE COMPLETELY the emissions of CO2 by participating in various reforestation projects, by means of which Dani will reach the balance between the emissions of CO2 and the activities done to reduce it, making it equal to ZERO.


These are the three winning moves:


Innovations in the production process


Energy efficiency interventions


Reforestation of different areas in accordance with the procedures internationally certified

The leather Zero Impact is chrome free and heavy metal free and complies with the specification ISO 15987, which requires that the sum of all the heavy metal contained in the leather must not exceed the 0,1%. All the processing stages are realized with innovative products: this has required a substantial commitment of resources in the experimentation and industrialization of new production processes that is a further guarantee of excellent quality.

The various demands of Dani’s partners and all the technological innovations achieved, proved that Zero impact, besides being an extraordinary result, represents a milestone of a constant evolution in terms of sustainability, in which Dani has chosen to be the leader, together with its partners.

Below the major technological innovations, subdivided by phases, of the Zero Impact tanning:

Un-hairing phase

it has been introduced the oxidative un-hairing operation, obtained with the use of hydrogen peroxide, within a special polypropylene drum which has the ability to support high temperature changes of water, through a cooling water circuit. Furthermore, this technology automatically collects data and recall of receipt thanks to a specific software and has a high resistance against oxidizing agents.
This technology allows to obtain by-products, that are reusable in the industrial, agro-industrial and energy context.
This process, nowadays at a semi-industrial stage, will be implemented in industrial scale within the next years.


it has been developed a new technology of heavy metal free tanning, based on the use of enzymes and polysaccharides which give to the leather the same physical and mechanical characteristics of products that are treated with the traditional tanning.

Re-tanning and finishing

we have researched and selected ad hoc products with a very low quantity of metals and, for the finishing phase, there was a selection of water based products, in order to preserve the results obtained in the previous phases.